XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
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This is a private website. It shows the status and statistical information of the XLX Multiprotocol Reflector "XLX275" in the UK.
The server is hosted in a London datacentre by Chris 2E0KFG primarily for members of Essex Raynet,
and is running the XLX Multiprotocol Server system as desgined by LX1IQ & LX3JL
XLX275 peers with DMR Brandmeister (BM) UK Master Server Talk Group 23531 / Raynet UK Calling Channel on Module B and allows multiple connections with
several type of digital radio from your hotspot. Transcoding is supported by Dave M0UPM using his transcoding server
The following modes and protocols for hotspot connections:

Raynet UK DMR Calling Channel TG23531

This is connected Via the Brandmister UK Master Server and they Manage the interlink to the Raynet & Pheonix Uk Servers.
D-Star XLX275 B (DCS, DExtra, Ref, and XRF).
DMR XLX275 B (DMRMmdvm)
(Note that XLX275 B will only accept connections from the above protocols and XLX).

Essex Raynet DMR+ Talk Group TG23532

D-Star XLX275 C (DCS, DExtra, Ref, and XRF).
Yaesu Fusion XLX275 C (YSF22275).
   Visit the Pi-Star website YSF list for YSF22275 connecton methods. Note that DG-ID 12 is required,

DMR XLX275 C (DMRMmdvm)
(Note that XLX275 C will only accept connections from the above protocols and XLX).

Contact & feedback:
 Chris 2E0KFG